Music Review: Aonia: CD: Sunchaser


By: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: July 25, 2014

Official Websites


Another band has contacted me direct from the Skullbanger web site. The pitch? “Aonia is a seven piece band – we have dual vocalists (operatic sopranos) and draw influences from the power, symphonic and progressive subgenres.” Sufficient to pique my interest. I agree to a review, receive the promotional packet, and spend a few days listening to the EP over and over.


With two vocalists and a five other instrumentalists there was the initial concern that the band would run all over each other. Such was not the case, as instruments and voices worked well together. The collective experience of the band was apparent in thoughtful composition and arrangement. Keyboards, I have found, do not always work in metal but fit in fine with the soaring sound of Aonia.


While I’ve wandered through symphonic metal before, the operatic vocals of Aonia were a departure from prior listening experiences. I enjoyed the contrast of airy vocals against the metal riffs and rhythms. If you enjoy the genre, they’re definitely worth a listen.





Melissa Adams- Vocals

Joanne Robinson- Vocals

James Brough- Guitar

Slick Druzkowski- Guitar

Gary Solomon- Bass

Tim Hall- Keyboard

Tony Gaskell- Drums

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