Music Review: Myrkur CD: Self-Titled


By: Praxilla

Label: Relapse Records

Available: September 16

Official Website:



            Hailing from the frostbitten climes of Scandinavia is the one-woman Black Metal project Myrkur, whose name comes from the Icelandic for darkness. Her self-titled debut EP is a marriage of light and darkness, somewhere between old school Bergtatt-era Ulver and Madra-era Miranda Sex Garden. A thin gossamer of pristine acapella provides the backdrop to raw, unadulterated Black Metal. 


            Myrkur begins with “Ravnens Banner”, a track that starts off deceptively enough with a choral reminiscent of Hildegaard Von Bingen but then metamorphoses down tempo into cold and sinister passages. “Ma Du Braende i Helvede” is the EP’s only purely raw track with guttural vocals throughout; while from start to finish “Latvian Feguro” sounds akin to a Celtic lullaby set to a nightmarish ambiance. Alternately, “Dybt I skoven” has more in common with Shoegaze, a la Cocteau Twins or Autumn’s Grey Solace, than anything else. But it is a refreshing departure from the beauty-and-the-beast sensibilities of Myrkur that reign elsewhere throughout the EP; as is the acoustic Neofolk number “Frosne Vind”.


            All in all, the Myrkur EP is perfection from concept to delivery. Fresh and original. A new sound with endless possibilities. It will please fans of both pure medieval/folk and Black Metal, from Kari Rueslatten and the Mediaeval Baebes, to Darkthrone and Carpathian Forest. Never thought that’d be said in one sentence…


            Black Metal meet the Ice Queen.



Rating: 5/5

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