Music Review Machinae Supremacy CD: Phantom Shadow


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender


Available: 26th August 2014


Label: Spinefarm Records


Official Website:


Anyone who knows me knows that I love video game soundtracks, it ties in very close with metal music and when that’s the genre used for the soundtracks it’s even better. Two of the best gaming companies that provide some of the best soundtracks in my opinion are Sega and Ubisoft, especially the songs used in the sonic the hedgehog series (all hail crush 40!).  So why am I talking about game soundtracks well because last year an indie game called Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams came out. A really awesome game that I recommend to every gamer to go and download right now and I’ve still only completed two thirds of it. Anyway it has a really great soundtrack and one of the artists that composed a lot of it is Machinae Supremacy, when I found out that they have a new album coming out next week and it’s by the label that sends me stuff to write about I just had to check it out. So lets see how there official stuff compares.


The songs I enjoyed the most and recommend are: ‘The Villain Of This Story’,  ‘Perfect Dark’,  ‘Phantom Battle’, ‘Beyond Good And Evil’, ‘The Second One’ and ‘The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall’.


The Things I liked most about the album is the overall sound and concept, not only are all the band members extremely talented but this has everything that I enjoy about modern electronic metal acts. A lot of the songs sound very similar to the Giana Sisters soundtrack only with vocals that is more than fine by me, it also sounds like it has a hint of powerman 5000 in the mix (another modern electronic metal act that has various songs for game soundtracks). Sometimes it has a nice mixture of lighter sounds that make for good experimentation and keeps it interesting in some places. But the thing I absolutely love about the album as well as the vocals, lyrics, heavy guitars and drums are the really great synth sounds that sound like modernized Nintendo/Sega console chip tunes, I just can’t get enough of those mixed in with everything else.


The things I didn’t like about the album is that a few of the songs took a little while to get going and a few songs don’t have the same great flow that a lot of the others have.


On a side note the thing that I am having mixed views on are the experimental songs where some are done better than others. For example ‘Europa’ is one of the experimental songs done right and finds the right balance of using different and lighter sounds. However the tracks that last less than a minute although they are interesting they are for the most part completely unneeded.


So this is my first Machinae Supremacy album and it’s more than good enough for anyone who will be listening to the band for the first time. With songs and previous albums named after other games I get the feeling that it’s what the band are influenced by and it must be great to be making music like this for a living. So be sure to pick up this album next week and like I said be sure to download Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. By the way guys on the off chance that you might be reading this I really want to make game soundtracks for a living so if you could hook me up with some gigs I’ll be forever grateful… pretty please?!


Rating: 4.5/5

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