Music Review: Thoughts Factory CD: Lost


By: Praxilla

Available: Now

Label: Melodic Revolution

Official Site: Thoughts Factory

Facebook: Thoughts Factory


Hailing from Germany, the Progressive Metal act Thoughts Factory has gained a reputation for a sound that is both technical and melodic. On their current offering Lost, the Frankfurt-based quintet offer up a release that straddles the netherworld somewhere between a doom-laden Paradise Lost and the technicality of Dream Theater. The result is a multi-tiered, alternating tessellation of Progressive, Doom and Power influences.


Conceptually, Lost is about life post-suicide; specifically about the kind of internal dialogue or psychodrama that goes on within one’s self upon the death of a close friend or perhaps lover. The most stellar tracks on the album include the balladic “The Deep Forest”, a song of dark secrets and haunted memories replete with a dual interplay of acoustic guitar and woodwind. Other standouts include “Awakening”, “Desperation”,  “The Mire, and “Death of a Dream”.


All in all, Lost is a masterwork that is catchy without giving up its singular essence. Some of the best moments of Lost are in its darker elements; nightmarish Dark Ambient textures interspersed throughout, such as in the bell choir intro to “Desperation” and the piano undertones in “Death of a Dream”.  


Rating: 3.5/5

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