Music Review: Return to Innocence CD: The Ring of Moon


By: Praxilla

Label: Metalgate Records

Available: Now

Official Website:


Every once in a while a band comes along that seamlessly obscures the line between Classical and Metal. Vovin- and Deggial-era Therion and even newer acts like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Chaosweaver. While there are some bands that merely have symphonic elements and undertones, there are others that are able to churn our aggressive Metal while also penning chamber music tailormade for the apocalypse. Such is the case with Czech-based band Return to Innocence. Re-emerging onto the underground scene since their departure in 2006 with previous release Sal Lunae, the Doom/Death horde follow up with their latest offering The Ring of Moon. The release is a seismic concoction of symphonic decadence laced with death and blackened vocals.


Without a doubt the anthem of The Ring of Moon is the Viking Metal number “Tristan’s Dream”; a track full of Gregorian-esque male choirs and an onslaught of guttural vocals elsewhere. Other noteworthy tracks include “Resigned World”, “(R)Evolution”, and  “Picture of Immortality.”


All in all, The Ring of Moon is a little short of perfection. Sometimes the interplay of music and vocals is a bit lackluster and certainly not as memorable as it could be. But it is clear that Return to Innocence have the technical chops to create a masterpiece.


Rating: 4/5

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