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Mick Taylor is a lovable chap.  He is just a simple pig hunter who has a charming personality and good humor.  He also likes to kill backpackers in the Australian Outback to relax and let off steam.  Hey, a man has to have his hobbies right?  It’s the simple pleasures in life that get us through the daily grind.

Wolf Creek 2 starts off with us seeing two cops waiting for unsuspecting motorists to speed by so they can write them a ticket.  Well who else but Mick Taylor comes rolling by, well under the speed limit I might add.  However, the cops are looking to flex their long arm of the law and decide to give Mick a tough time. 

It is during this first interaction with Mick Taylor that we see the great acting chops of John Jarratt portraying a killer that while rough looking on the outside is able to be charming, witty and dangerously cunning.  As Mick interacts with the officers you can tell he knows how to handle people in most situations to keep himself out of trouble.  The officers however are real pricks and push the man too far.  You also see in this exchange, Jarratt’s great acting ability in which Taylor is portrayed showing how he determines when to kill or not to kill someone. It also appears he may actually leave the fate of the victims in their own hands at times depending on how they interact with him…maybe.

After our episode with cops the movie follows the travels of two German backpackers as they travel to Wolf Creek Crater.  The backpackers eventually set up camp for the night where Taylor eventually finds them and tries to use his charms to give them a lift.  When this fails, things go sour, and by sour I mean lots of blood is shed and by lots of blood I mean people end up dead.

I thought the way Wolf Creek used the German Backpackers to lead to another part of the story was really interesting and well done because essentially you get two tales in one movie here.  While Taylor is doing his business on one of the backpackers the other gets away long enough to find help who then gets embroiled into the conflict and once the German backpacker story is resolved the movie picks up the story of the motorist who tried to help.

Let’s just say the situation for the motorist does not improve over the situation of the backpackers.  Also one of the most interesting scenes in the movie involves the motorist and Taylor in a game of 10 questions where again Jarratt’s acting ability really shines to where he really almost makes you believe that if the guy answers the questions correctly he will honor the terms of the deal and that the fate of the motorist lies in his own hands.

Wolf Creek 2 is filled with tense, squeamish moments and at times I had to stop the movie and come back and watch.  For some reason I felt I had to calm down a bit before I could continue watching the movie.  I am still not sure why I felt this way as I watch horror movies often and am not squeamish.  It may be because the character Mick Taylor is someone that could truly exist and is in fact based on a real killer(s) from Australia that committed crimes very similar to the ones in the movie.

Also, what I found great about Wolf Creek 2 is that Mick Taylor, while a devious fucker and smart, also made mistakes when trying to kill and hunt his victims and not because he was cocky per se but because he is HUMAN and made human mistakes.  Which for some reason is also terrifying because that makes him even more relatable to the viewer and believable.

I did have a few problems with Wolf Creek 2 however.  Actually my main issue with the film was the female German backpacker.  There was a few times I felt she could have ended the problem right then and there and did nothing but act like an incapacitated idiot.  Look, I get that the situation you are in is terrifying but if your boyfriend who got stabbed in the back can do something you surly can at least respond in a way that is more than just sitting there and screaming.  There were also a couple of other times in the film as well I felt the victims could have really helped their situation if they just did some common sense things.  But oh well.

Overall, Wolf Creek 2 is a great modern day thriller/horror film that is more realistic than most people would like to think.

Rating: 4/5

One thought on “Movie Review: Wolf Creek 2”

  1. Nice review 🙂 I enjoyed it also – found this one funnier, allowed us more Mick. Really liked the other lead guy also. – this is the review one of our writers put up – similar thoughts to both ours.
    Went to the premiere of THESE FINAL HOURS on Monday and John Jarratt sat behind myself and guest and he was by himself – scared the poop out of us 🙂

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