Movie Review: Open Grave 2013


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When is a zombie movie not a zombie movie?  When everyone has brain farts and can’t remember anything and there aren’t any zombies around just dead bodies.  That is essentially how Open Grave begins…with a dude waking up in a pit of dead bodies and someone throwing a rope down to him to get out.

From here our protagonist makes his way to a large house where he finds other people who also have no memory of who they are or why they are there.  In fact, they remember jack shit about themselves or the world at large which leaves a lot to be filled in during the movie.  Throughout all of this, the one common key seems to be the mute Asian lady who is the only one who can’t speak or write English in any way but appears unaffected by the amnesia.  Which sometimes makes for an interesting plot device but also is a flawed one.

As the movie goes on the characters begin to recover parts of their memory which also serves to increase suspicion between members of the group due to the still lacking parts of their memory.  Also, we begin to see the ‘zombies’ appear in various places…sometimes in the form of some kind of scarecrow other times…just appearing. Still the zombies here are not the main threat, the people in the group are each their own problem along with their lack of memory.

I found Open Grave to be an intriguing movie in how the larger problem in the world was not the biggest problem that the group had to overcome in the circumstances it was presented with.  However, the problem I had with the movie was with Asian lady as the link to everything.  While yes she was mute and was unable to communicate in English I still feel she could have found a way to let each of the members in the group know more about what was going on and who they really were.  I found myself thinking even the simplest of drawings could have conveyed a lot helpful information to the survivors because she knew who they were.  This is where the movie has a serious logic flaw to me and could have been written differently I thought.

Despite this glaring flaw I still found Open Grave to be a interesting movie to watch and really a interesting way of conveying a zombie movie that displays problems that can arise other than the zombies.  A clever movie that just fell a little short of realizing its fullest potential.

Rating: 3/5

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