Music Review Psyyke CD: 1983 -1985

By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Svart Records

Available: 19th June 2014

Official website:


Here’s something new that caught my eye (and ear) a missing part of Finland’s music history and something a bit different. This band has been dubbed as gothic punk which I am a fan of both things, in fact a month ago at the time I’m writing this I went to a Goth club night and had a lot of fun so I was eager to give this a listen when I noticed it. According to the press release this album is a collection of songs by a band that was tearing it up in Finland’s underground scene before moving on. I can honestly say I have never heard an album like this before… or at least not for a very long time.


The songs I enjoyed the most and recommend are: ‘Vallanloppu’, ‘Hiljaiset Tunnit’, ‘Aivokuolema 1’, ‘Syntymäpäivä’ and ‘Aivokuolema 2’


The things I liked most about the album is the overall sound and the way that it was mixed, another prop to the engineer on this album. I really like the unique (and simple) way that everyone performs there instruments and everything comes together really well. There are a lot of interesting sound effects that blend in very well with everything else that also gives it that unique feeling. While it starts of a little bit odd at the beginning it gets better as it goes along and ends really well. The way this album was performed and made I like to think the band had fun while making these songs and considering that it has sixteen songs on this album it’s very good value for money.


The things I didn’t like about the album was that it felt a bit lack luster, despite all the good things about it I would still rather listen to one hundred other things first. Also having very mixed feelings about the singer in this band who isn’t necessarily bad per say he’s just more enjoyable to listen to in some parts than others, his singing takes a fair bit of getting use to. The songs can feel a bit samey but that can normally go both ways depending and with a punk band that can normally be expected.


On a side note the first time you here ‘Hiljaiset Tunnit’ it catches you by surprise at the last section. Also all the lyrics are in Finnish that adds to the uniqueness.


From what I see and hear Finland is known more for the heavier and symphonic metal so it’s interesting to hear a band like this especially when it has somewhat disappeared. If you have spare cash and you want to know about some of Finland’s secret music history then it might be worth picking up this album, not straight away but at some point in the future. Or if you’re a hardcore record collector there are a limited five hundred vynls you can search for.


Rating: 3.75/5

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