Music Review: Toxic Waltz CD: Decades of Pain


by: Devan Stilts

Label: Indie

Available: NOW

Official Websites:

Many newer bands draw their sound from the old thrash bands of the 80’s and with the case of Toxic Waltz they draw heavily from Exodus/Slayer.  In some cases bands will either sound like clones or they will sound like they have their own identity while keeping the spirit of the classic bands alive in their  music.  In the case of Toxic Waltz they succeed in sounding like their own thing while also paying tribute to the masters of old with their new album ‘Decades of ‘Pain’.  

As musicians the band is filled with a lot of talent.  I really enjoy the guitar work on the song  ‘Suicide Squad’. It sounds really awesome and fun.  The singing sounds great and the lyrics are thoughtful. When you pay attention to them they have meaning and helps take the songs to the next level. Toxic Waltz seem to take care when it comes to writing their songs and unlike some bands  they do not just throw random words in the songs and make a mess of things. They actually go with the song.

Angelo’s voice is suited for this type of music. He has a very strong and MANLY voice which is good for thrash music and suits what he is doing here very well.

I recommend this band to anyone who likes thrash metal both old and new. On ‘Decades of Pain’ you can hear the 80’s influence in it which makes them sound great and fun to listen to. Overall ‘Decades of Pain’ sounds great and has a good production.  My favorite song on the album is ‘Suicide Squad’ which I mentioned earlier as the guitar work is really fantastic. Classic Thrash for the new generation.


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