Music Review Boy Hits Car CD: All That Lead Us Here


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Eternal Sound

Available: 2nd May 2014

Official Website:


America has had it’s fair share of rock and metal that it has contributed to the world but one of the most note worthy states is Los Angeles the land of the rich and famous. From what I’ve seen and heard LA has it’s own independent rock scene where musicians passionately compose there own music without too much of the gimmicks. It’s no small secret that one my favorite top 10 bands from this scene is Parade Of Lights so I’m always keen to hear what an LA band has to offer which brings us to Boy Hits Car, a band that has been going for twenty plus years. Comparing the two bands it’s probably safe to say that the LA indie scene has come along way.

Upon my first listen I hear that it’s a classic American modern rock sound with clean singing and interesting sounds for the worldly effects. Again my imagination might be running away with me again but to me in many ways it’s almost like a pop punk version of breed 77 if you can imagine such a thing.


The songs I enjoyed the most and recommend are: Battles Of The Heart, Quite Storm and What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy).


The things I enjoyed most about the album is the good sound, stunning artwork, meaningful lyrics, interesting effects and the beautiful acoustic breaks. Most if not all of the songs on this album are very enjoyable.


The things I didn’t like about the album is that even though you can’t really fault it it’s just not particularly outstanding, it sounds like stuff we have all heard a thousand times over and most of the songs sound a bit samey. That’s fine if that’s what people are after but for me as much as I like it it’s still not the best album in the world.


On a side note a fair few of the singing is done in rap-rock style, might be a plus for the younger rock fans but the older rock fans might find it to be a bit of a draw back. I’m not really fussed either way.


Another first album for me by a band that has been going for a long time so I can’t compare it to the previous material. So is it a good place for some one new to start, would be safe to say yes. It is a very good album but I can’t confirm that I’m going to listen to it again anytime soon. However I’ve just seen that there performing near me next month… will be interesting to see what they’re like live.


Rating: 4/5

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