Music Review: Tankard CD: R.I.B.

Tankard - RIB - Artwork

by: TJ Fowler

Label: Nuclear Blast

Available: NOW

Official Websites:


I know drinking/boozing is a big part of the metal/rock genre.  I mean it has been there since the beginning and especially with metal bands.  Never have I seen before though a band that has taken it to the Nth degree and made a 30+ year career of it like the band Tankard have.  With songs like ‘Stay Thirsty’, ‘Shit-Faced’ and ‘666 Packs’ how can you really not like a band that sings about drinking so much and so fervently.  With that being said for some reason I just recently discovered this band from Frankfurt, Germany with their new album R.I.B. (Rest in Beer).  I know!  What the hell is wrong with me and have I been in a beer coma for all these years?! So let’s see if this tequila worm is worth swallowing shall we?

Get this man a beer!

Out of the first 3 songs on this album, 2 of course deal with drinking, ‘Fooled by Your Guts’ and ‘R.I.B.’ the opening track ‘War Cry’ deals with the use of drone attacks by militaries.  Also this album is filled with non-drinking songs, as is Tankard’s whole career…as they don’t just exclusively write about drinking that is just what they are known for since they write A LOT about drinking.  In my honest opinion on this album some of the strongest songs on ‘R.I.B.’ are the ones not about drinking.  I especially love ‘Riders of the Doom’ which has a nice flow to it and some great guitar work.  Also, ‘Hope Can’t Die’ which was written because one of Gerre’s friends passed away a few years ago and he wrote this song because of that and though it is a thrash song and has the crunchy guitar work there is also something touching about the song and the meaning in the lyrics.

As the album plays on, the songs all remain very engaging and fun to listen to and some have some serious messages in them like ‘Clockwise to Deadline’ which is about facing one’s own mortality as we get older.  Then of course you have your fun songs like the album’s closer ‘The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So’…which honesty…fuck you Tankard…I wasn’t invited to your party!  I’ll start my own party with my own cool friends!!  HaHa!

Also, I had an opportunity to speak to Gerre at the Tuska Festival in Finland and he is a super great guy and really fun to talk to.  You can see the video interview HERE.  Also, seeing Tankard live is one the best live shows you can see as the band is very energetic and the guys love to have a lot of fun on stage and go absolutely crazy.

Overall, ‘R.I.B.’ starts off a little bit slow for me but after the first 3 songs, the album really turns into a real gem of an album that is really great and I hope it doesn’t get passed over by the metal masses as it deserves a play in your ears as you punch your liver in the face with some whiskey!

RATING: 4 out of 5


Gerre – vocals
Frank – bass
Olaf – drums
Andy – Guitar

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