Music Review Sweet Apple CD: The Golden Age Of Glitter


By: Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Tee Pee/Soul Food

Available: 18th April 2014

Official Website:


With names and an album cover like this I took a wild shot in the dark in guessing that this was a classic 70’s glam rock band and I was mostly right. Only with the added difference of college rock and a hint of American pop. Yep it’s that type of album and I don’t get sent stuff like this very often but you no what it’s not at all bad.


Upon my first listen I was a tiny bit surprised that it was the classic rock and college rock that I mentioned at the beginning and it was very pleasant. Some songs got slightly heavier and others got slightly softer with some acoustic ballads as though trying to add some variety. Does feel a bit basic and samey in some areas but a lot of this album sounds like it could be used as a soundtrack to a low budget independent American film. It’s also worth mentioning that is has some interesting use of live crowd sounds, not really sure what the aim was but I’m pretty sure that this really isn’t a live album.


The songs I enjoyed the most and recommend are: again it’s tricky as most of them are very similar but very good, mainly the first five – six songs are the best ones.


The things I enjoyed most about the album was mainly the first half, very pleasant rock songs and very nice rock sound (probably shouldn’t be using those words on this website but it’s true). It’s fairly basic but the good thing is that the band and the album is being it’s self and not something it doesn’t want to be and it really does fit certain particular moods, especially summer.


The things I didn’t like the album was mainly the second half, it looses the charm the first half has. It goes of into a bizarre tangent with the songs getting a little bit more experimental but that’s when the interest just fly’s away and it’s a bit disappointing.


Like me the first time you hear this with out learning anything about the band you would think that they were a band of early twenty year olds hanging out on an American beach with beer watching the girls go by (like I do during the Nottingham summer). And you wouldn’t think they were twice that age. My final verdict is a 3.75/5, yeah it may not be ‘iron maiden’ heavy and it may not be ‘death metal’ heavy but this is a really nice rock album and seeing as how summer is now here it would be a good idea to download this album to your phone/IPod and to listen to it at least once while your sunbathing at a pool, beach or your local park (or at least the first part).


Rating: 3.75/5

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