Music Review: Mordrake Album: Unhallowed Chambers


Label: Indie

Available: Now

Official Websites:


I am not really sure what to make of ‘Unhallowed Chambers’.  The band is at its heart a death metal band with black metal ingredients with a vocalist that sings a mix of death/black metal but also some Phil Anselmo/Grindcore influences…or something.

I have listened to ‘Unhallowed Chambers’ twice to try and get a better understanding and appreciation of what the band is trying to accomplish.  On one hand, on songs like ‘Rumors, Myths and Legends’ the band has a very interesting musical style and sound that I found compelling but on the other hand I just did not think the vocals fit the song.  As the album plays on the band goes into the black metal roots a little deeper and I felt the interesting things the band were doing on ‘Rumors, Myths and Legends’ were lost in favor of trying to sound ‘standard’.  Which is unfortunate.

I wanted to like Mordrake’s offering more but there were just parts of this album that just didn’t seem all the pieces were coming together like they needed to.  The album, while it has atmospheric moments loses those moments due to the vocals.  When the atmosphere isn’t present in some songs there doesn’t seem to be another element to lift up the songs to the next level.

I think Mordrake has some unique elements that can make up a strong talented band but for right now it just doesn’t seem everything is working in conjunction with one another just yet.

Rating: 2/5

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