Music Review: Kilmara: CD: Love Songs and Other Nightmares


By: Scott Foster

Label: Sony Music

Available: April 8, 2014

Official Websites



“Alright man..this might wash the bad taste out of your mouth from the last band.” Well, that review is a couple behind me, but yeah, anything to help me forget is welcome. So let’s give Kilmara a listen, shall we? A melodic metal band from Spain and Germany; should be fun.

Well, “Fantasy” starts the album off right, with a solid beat and crunching guitars. Vocals are a little more subdued than I would have suspected, but they work, and actually seem to push a little more as the song progresses. I become more optimistic. The heavy riffs continue through the next few songs and I am then surprised by the clean guitar opening of “Believe.”

As the song “Alpha” kicks off I am almost surprised that Alestorm was not listed as an influence of the band. The drunken sea chantey is soon left behind for a driven metal song featuring some of my favorite vocals on the album. My personal opinion is that “Alpha” and “Insomnia” feature some of the strongest vocal work on the album

In fact, if I were going to point to a weakness, I would say that the vocals seem to sit in a safe zone, if you will, compared to instruments. This is a purely subjective thing for me that may not make sense to others, but I felt the vocals could have been pushed a little more to really mesh with the vibe of the album. The end of “Fantasy” gets there, as well as the aforementioned “Alpha” and “Insomnia.” I’ve noticed this in a few other bands from across the pond and wondered if this was due to singing in a foreign language. Well, “Time Flies” has an English version as well as a German/Spanish version, and the German/Spanish version does seem to flow a bit better, so maybe. Or it might be all in my head.

Solid album that grew on me the more I listened to it. If you have a chance to check out Kilmara I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.




Christian Wolfgang Kohl – vocals

Javier Morillo – drums & percussion

Jose Díaz – bass guitar

John Portillo – lead & rhythm Guitars and electric sItar

Kike Torres – lead & rhythm guitarsNicolas Bastos – drums

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