Music Review: Vader CD: Tibi Et Igni

Vader - Tibi Et Igni - Artwork

Label: Nuclear Blast

Available: May 30th, 2014

Official Websites:……


Ok…full disclosure here on this one.  I have never been a big listener of Vader…in fact I have never really listened to them at all.  I think many years ago I tried and what I heard was just not for me.  It just seemed the only thing Vader oriented I was going to like was going to be Darth Vader.

Well we have a new Vader album up for release titled ‘Tibi Et Ingi’ and as fate would have it I happened to come across the song ‘Triumph of Death’ they have been floating around to build up hype for the album and for some reason I decided to click play.  When hearing the song I was really blown away and thought, ‘WOW!  What have I been missing!  I have to check this album and band out!  Luckily I have access to the promo and I immediately downloaded my digital copy and gave it a spin…and was somewhat…let down.

Vader as all the fans will know are a death metal band.  The song that got me pumped to listen to this album was not a typical death metal affair as it was more accessible than most death metal I have heard.  ‘Tibi Et Ingi’ is filled with songs that are NOT like ‘Triumph of Death’.  To me this was a bit of a bummer as I feel this song is fantastic and if the album contained more like this, Vader would have legions upon legions of new fans coming their way.

Now before everyone hangs me I did reach out to a big Vader fan and asked him if ‘Triumph of Death’ is typical Vader or the exception.  He did explain that most of Vader’s stuff is more death metal than ‘Triumph of Death’ but each album will have a song or two that is more accessible like ‘Triumph’ and he linked me a song  from their 2009 release of Necropolis…which I really enjoyed.

Knowing this now I understand why someone like me would be disappointed in what I heard on the rest of this album but I also understand that Vader has a sound that has garnered them the fans they have today and they honor that and I respect that.

Putting my initial disappointment away I want to still give ‘Tibi Et Ingi’ a fair shot and an objective review.  With that in mind I was still very impressed with much of the material I heard on the album.  Yes it is very death metal in many songs meaning some of the songs are too bombastic for my taste but they are well done, have a good production sound and tone to them.  Also, I was really impressed with the leads and solos in many of the songs which you do not find much of in many death metal bands.  Some very talented musicianship is found here.

Also, I even found some songs I enjoyed besides ‘Triumph of Death’.  I found ‘The Eyes of the Abyss’ and ‘Light Reaper’ two other highlights of the album and really enjoyed them.

So to sum it up, Yes…I was disappointed in the sense I didn’t hear more songs like ‘Triumph of Death’ but also I was pleasantly surprised in finding out more about a band that I had dismissed many years ago and from now on I will pay more attention to Vader’s offerings even if I have to be the ‘poser fan’ and hope for ‘Triumph of Death’s tunes.  But yes, ‘Tibi Et Igni’ is a great album for the death metal fans and Vader deserves the money the album should bring in.

Rating: 3.5/5

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