Music Review: Deep in Hate: CD: Chronicles of Oblivion


BY: Scott Foster

Label: Kaotoxin Records

Available: June 3, 2014

Official Websites



Let me start out with full disclosure: my listening tastes as far as metal goes is more towards classic metal. The last CD I bought was a blues album, so I generally pass on the death or black metal bands that hit my inbox. However, I’d just wrapped up a review from a band so far from metal it was silly and didn’t have anything else lined up, so why not a deathcore band? Also, the album cover for caught my eye.

When the Introduction track kicked off I figured I was in for a good ride. And musically this is a pretty nice album. Though really not a fan of the rapid beat blasts you’ve got to give props to a drummer that can pull it off. There are times when the guitar seemed to get a little muddy, but generally the riffs came through loud and clear. It was the vocals that really disappointed me. I couldn’t understand a word that was being…sung. Screamed. Whatever.

I turned to my colleagues at Skullbanger and they confirmed that they also tended to dodge the black metal, mainly due to the lyrical incomprehension. So I then sought out my next point of reference, almighty Google. After browsing a few forums it seems that the general consensus is that the vocals are not there to convey the lyrics necessarily, but to become another instrument to convey the mood. With that in mind I went back and gave Chronicles another listen. Taken, the, as a strictly instrumental album, Chronicles of Oblivion is a fine album, though not what I would choose for myself on any particular day. Just doesn’t match my preferences.




Matthieu – vocals

Vinc – guitars

Flo – guitars

Kapute – bass

Nicolas Bastos – drums

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