Music Review: Common Eider, King Eider: CD: Taaleg Uksur


Label: Pesanta Urfolk

Available: June 23, 2014

Official Websites


There is an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in which one of the robots (Tom Servo, I think) decides to learn to make music like Yanni. The joke is that all you do is play a chord and sustain it infinitely. Common Eider, King Eider seem to have taken that joke and run with it.

According to the press release Taaleg Uksur ”comprises four sprawling, shape-shifting tracks, each one a unique psycho-acoustic devotional.” I respectfully disagree. The tracks are not unique at all. Each one comprises a mindless droning with a few random sounds dropped in. Could be moaning vocals, water drops, whistling…whatever. But if this was one long track instead of four, no one would know the difference. The press release also promises “elements of ambient, drone, folk, rock, and metal.” Drone? Check. Folk, rock, and metal? Uh, not seeing it. The final track, Caribou People, almost approaches the edge of being interesting, but the eternal drone soon overwhelms anything musical happening in the song.

Still, there must be some people that like what Common Eider, King Eider has to offer. There are, after all, positive reviews on their site. But wait, here’s one now! “Being able to understand a work of music shouldn’t preclude one from being able to enjoy it.” So…you admit you don’t get the music? Right. “For those of us that are sometimes more intellectually inclined, a lack of understanding should motivate us to listen further.” Ah, so you have to be an intellectual to appreciate this? Got it. I don’t know, I’m inclined to believe this album is best used as white noise to combat insomnia.




Rob Fisk, possibly others.

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