Music Review PRWL CD: Wanted

rpwlBy Callum (CJ) Lavender

Label: Gentle Art Of Music/E1

Available: NOW

Official Website:


Hey boys & girls are you tired of hearing the same classic rock/metal stuff over and over again? Probably not most likely but just in case you are we’ve got something a bit different to get your teeth into. Some people class this band and album as ‘art rock’ but then what rock and metal isn’t art, it’s one of the best forms of art on our planet. So let’s see just how different this is and weather it’s worth our time. 


Upon my first listen I found that honestly I really don’t think I have heard anything like this before or at least not for a good long while and although it’s a bit unusual I got to say it’s not bad. It was a bit weird at first but then it got better after the second song. There’s definitely a variety and mixture here and in many areas it tries to be so many songs at once. A lot of the lyrics have religious references, which are fair enough since a fair few bands use it as a topic, and it has a lovely ending (probably shouldn’t use that word in a rock review).


The songs I enjoyed the most and recommend are: ‘Swords And Guns’, ‘Wanted’ and by extension ‘A New Dawn’


The things I liked about the album were the nice vocals, the mixture of heavy and pleasant sounds/sound effect’s and there are a lot of different interesting ideas and experiments here. It had a nice ending song.


The things I didn’t like about the album were that most of the songs were a bit too lengthy and it was hard to keep my interest after a certain time. There is a lot of interesting ideas here but I feel that the songs need more structure and to be re worked a little bit and then we will have something truly unique and awesome.


I was trying to think whom I could compare this to but for a little while I couldn’t think of anyone because it was that original. One of my first thoughts was it sounded a bit like very soft CKY and a very soft Muse mixed together with the 1960’s sound in quite a few areas. Then my second thought was that if that music artist 009 Sound System (who you heard all over youtube back in the day) was a band then it would be very similar to this just without the structure or pop effects. My final verdict is a 3/5 if your going to make a random video for youtube and you want a rock song that sounds a bit different to go in the background then maybe it would be worth having a listen on ITunes and amazon.


Rating: 3/5


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