Music Review: Salvación CD: God, Gold and Glory


Label: Independent

Available: NOW

Official Websites:


Traditional metal bands, when done right, can really deliver the goods both musically and lyrically.  I also feel this genre tends to get overlooked a lot these days in the current metal scene so I am always happy to try and give this genre a boost when I can.  So when I was contacted by North Carolina band Salvación, I was eager to hear what they had to offer the old school sound.

Well one thing is for sure…’God, Gold and Glory’ does sound old school.  The album you can tell is recorded on a limited budget which is ok as the band itself is trying to get started and they probably are funding all of this on their own dime and I respect that.  That being said the sound is a bit rough around the edges production wise but is forgivable due to the circumstances.

Musical wise I found Salvación to be OK.  They didn’t blow me away but didn’t make me throw up either and curse the gods.  They strike me as a group of guys getting together trying to make their way in the music scene which is commendable.  I do think they need some work to tighten up their sound and I think for me the drummer is the biggest issue here as it almost seems the guy is all over the place and the sound bleeds over the rest of the band which distracts the listener.  Lyrically the band is ok, as with the sound I feel this is an area that can be polished up a bit but with time and practice this can worked on.

Overall Salvación is an average traditional metal band right now though I think with some time the can grow as musicians.  They just need to apply that traditional metal band attitude and continue soldiering on and hone their craft.

RATING: 2.5/5

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