Music Review: Order to Ruin CD: The Loss of Distress

cover entgültig

Label: Independent

Available: Now

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Death metal has never been a high player on my playlist but I have found some here and there that I have found tolerable and some that were even enjoyable.  Order to Ruin for me kind of falls into the middle of the road.  While most death metal bands seem to always have the heavy, down tuned and crunch heavy rhythm and a ‘singer’ that growls incomprehensibly at max volume, Order to Ruin deviate from some of the typical death metal trappings.

Thank God for that.

‘The Loss of Distress’ main selling point here is that it is a death metal album but one with leads and solos that gives the attempt of making a listenable song.  To me this really helped out the album and the sound as a whole.  While yes, we do have the singer who growls and snarls we have songs that contain some really well done guitar work.  You have your strong aggression of death metal while also containing the musicianship to help give the songs a personality instead of them sounding like bland, lifeless droning sounds of distortion.

Granted, I’m still not a death metal fan or blown away by the genre but if more of the bands in this area attempted to incorporate some of the ideas that Order to Ruin are trying then I might pay more attention.

Rating: 2.75/5

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