Movie Review: Music Store Massacre


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                Occasionally I get the random request to review someone’s indie movie for the site and they are, regardless of good or bad, interesting to see just in terms of how people who are not tied to Hollywood would make a movie constraint to the same limitations as you or I basically would have.

                In all fairness I think I would give the success rate of these endeavors about a 50/50 shot in terms of my enjoyment.  There have been some that have been pretty solid affairs, there have been others where I was thinking, ‘What the Fuck is this?’ and there have been others that were obviously friends going out and just trying something which I think is great.

                ‘Music Store Massacre’ is a film that falls into the, ‘I enjoyed this.’ category.  Yes, it is very low budget, the acting is shaky in some spots but in others not bad and the actual story is actually pretty solid and thought out more than what one would expect for a film like this.

                The story revolves around a detective whose partner is killed when they go and visit her brother who is a priest.  The brother has hooked himself up to some guitar that looks like the musical interpretation of the Necronomicon and has severely mutilated himself.  When the sister enters the room with her brother he blows her head off, utters something about hate and then dies.  Fast forward ten years later, the detective has a new partner just as ill tempered and hateful as his first one and again the guitar is found at another crime scene where murders have taken place.  As the movie unravels it becomes clear the guitar has some kind of power over people and the detective begins to discover a connection to the guitar and the murders.

                The film is shot mostly in black and white except when the blood starts flowing and then it is red light fever everywhere.  The effects are what you would expect in such a movie but I can forgive that.  One thing that did bother me in terms of how the film was edited is there are a lot of breaks in the film that is introduced by a narrator that is trying to sound ominous but actually sounds a little over dramatic and silly.  I think the film would have been better served by cutting that out all together because the film ties in everything, for the most part, pretty well without having to try and make some strange segment introductions.  Also it seemed there were times it was hard for me to hear some of the dialog or audio and this resulted in me missing some of the story.

                As I mentioned the story is actually pretty well done for a film like this.  Yes there are some logic holes throughout and some needless scenes but overall it is not bad.  I actually wouldn’t mind to see this film maybe adapted with a bigger budget and a bit of polish on the script to see what could be come up with as I think the film has some good stuff in it. 

                Also, I want to mention the film isn’t shy about showing off the tits/bush.  Thumbs up to that!  Also, the actress who played the girlfriend of the white supremacy guy and friend of the mentally retarded guy…fantastic rack.  Look me up!  Haha!

                For anyone looking for a good small budget indie film to kill an afternoon with ‘Music Store Massacre’ isn’t bad.  It will keep you engaged and kind of wondering what is going on behind everything and is not a bad way of killing an afternoon.

Rating: 3/5

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