Music Review: Lions of the South CD: Chronicles of Aggression


by: Scott Foster

Label: Independent

Available: January 1, 2014

Official Websites


Lions of the South, a Heavy Metal band from Florida, described as “a heavy yet classic sound with plenty of fury and technical playing on offer.” I would say that with this debut the band has lived up to the description. The album is full of fast, technical playing. The guys definitely have talent. They also have a classic metal sound, and their cited influences show through in their sound. And I think therein lies my main issue with this offering.

While there are some great ideas on this album, I didn’t find anything that really made them stand out from the crowd. While some songs start off nicely, like Mirroring Hells clean notes followed up with a heavier crunch, most of the songs to quickly fade in to “generic metal band with growly vocals.” Does this mean you should give this album a pass? Well, no. If that’s the sound you like, it’s well done and you’ll probably enjoy it. For myself, I’d like to see something that sets them apart.




Cristobal Perez – Vocals, Guitars
Andres Nayar – Drums & Percussion

Felipe Vilches – Bass

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