Music Review: Edguy CD: Space Police-Defenders of the Crown

Edguy - Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown - Artwork

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Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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The super talented Edguy is here with a brand new album ‘Space Police-Defenders of the Crown’.  I am happy to say it is a great album that captures the best of what Edguy is and what a metal album should be.  So let’s dig into this beast and see what we got!

Singer Tobias Sammet is fresh off his Avantasia solo gig and his first love, Edguy, is back and I’m happy to say he and the band hasn’t lost a step. ‘Space Police’ opens with a catchy but heavy song with ‘Sabre and Torch’ that kicks the album off with a punch filled with brass knuckles of catchiness.  Following this up with ‘Space Police’ which is another solid catchy song but more synth heavy and sci-fi oriented but again with a serious tone like ‘Sabre and Torch’.  The band then switch back to a more Medieval styled song with ‘Defenders of the Crown’ and again leave the Edguy trademark in there with the catchy bridges and lyrics.

Next up is what I feel is the highlight of the album which is ‘Love Tyger’

‘Love Tyger’ is EVERYTHING that makes Edguy great.  It has their humor, their ability to make super catchy songs with both their lyrics and the music they play.  ‘Love Tyger’ is a bit of an homage to the old 80’s metal/rock but with a very updated sound but still retro-ish.  Some people will complain the song is glamm-ish but I would disagree on that a bit.  I think ‘Love Tyger’ represents a genre of metal that would have existed if either the 80’s metal would have become popular in today’s world for the first time or if instead of the grunge movement taking over in the 90’s it would be the type of sound we would have heard the bands from the 80’s Sunset Strip evolve into.  ‘Love Tyger’ is a very fun and nostalgic song that fans of most genres of music would enjoy and get a smile out of.

To me these first four songs of the album are the true anchor that will keep a listener coming back to listen to ‘Space Police’.  Most of the other songs are solid as well, except for ‘The Realms of Baba Yaga’, sorry that one fails me, but the first four are Edguy at their best.

To summarize the rest of the album we have a Falco cover of ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ which is funny to hear and the band does a good rendition of the song.  The last two tracks of the album I think is more Avantasia-ish as they are more theatrical in nature than the earlier songs on the album.  They are very good but just have a different tone than the earlier tracks.

So to sum it all up, if you are a fan of well played heavy metal with intricate leads with very catchy songs and lyrics I implore you to pick up ‘Space Police-Defenders of the Crown’.  Edguy has put out a gem here that is super fun to listen to and one of the best albums of 2014.

RATING: 4.25/5

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