Music Review: Magnum CD Escape From The Shadow Garden


By: Callum Lavender

Available: 24th March 2014

Label: Steam Hammer/SPV

Official Website:

My good friend from Ireland loves this band; she’s a very lovely lady and metalhead who I was lucky enough to meet last year and is one of the reasons why I got into Eden’s Curse. So now I get to have my first Magnum experience and to hear the brand new album, is she right to love this band… would be safe to say yes.


Upon my first listen I found that it was a very solid sound that cannot be faulted, it sounds quite a bit like modern day Blackmore, rainbow and a tiny hint of journey in some areas. I really enjoyed the balled feel in many of the songs especially with ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’. ‘Don’t Fall Asleep’ and ‘Valley Of Tears’ (to some extent) is that type of nice rock balled that the masses can wave there fire lighters in the air to and would work very well as an end movie credits song just like Code Of Silence ‘Dark Skies Over Babylon’. As for the other songs I just really liked the classic rock stuff in general and to be honest they sound a bit same-ish at first but then it varies a bit to keep the album interesting. The first half didn’t really blow me away but as it went on the second half was easily better. This is indeed a 4/5 album after a first time listen for sure but sounded a bit better the second time.

The song(s) I enjoyed the most and recommend (and it was hard to choose because even though they all sound similar they all sounded just as good as each other) are: ‘The Art Of Compromise’ and ‘Don’t Fall Asleep”


The things I liked about the album are the solid lyrics, the solid vocals, the solid sound, the solid artwork and the slight variations to keep it interesting even though it sticks with the path it’s chosen through out. Everything you want in a classic rock album and all signs of a great classic neo rock band can be found here.

The Things I didn’t like about the album and despite it being faultless was that when I heard it the first time I thought despite how good it is I didn’t see myself listening to it ten times a day. As I said I liked it even more after the second listen and probably will listen to it more in the future but I still feel that it’s lacking something, I’m not sure what it is but there is something that’s keeping it from a perfect rating.


It’s defiantly a worthwhile album and I can’t compare it to previous Magnum material because this is my first Magnum experience, but comparing it to the other bands like this that I like there not on top of the list. My final verdict is a 4.5/5 an album that most classic rock fans wont be disappointed with but I wouldn’t put it on top of your must buy list, maybe put it at number three. Now if you’ll excuse me I just found out that Magnum are playing at rock city (15 minutes away from my house) next week so I’m of to buy a ticket.


Rating: 4.5/5


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