Video Game Review: Resident Evil Revelations Wii U


By: Callum Lavender

Available: May 21st 2013



For as much backlash as both Nintendo and Capcom/resident evil have been getting these days this game should remind people why they should take both things seriously again. Now this was my first resident evil experience because I’m not a big fan of horror things cause I (use to) get scared very easily (but don’t tell fowler!), I only play certain horror games if there done in a certain way and if there not very popular like alone in the dark 2008 PS2 and AMY PS3 (probably cause there toned down for pussies like me ha-ha). So why did I pick up this game well because it was on sale and because it’s fanbase said it had gone back to its ‘roots’ so curiosity got the better of me like it normally does and decided to give it a try.


Upon my first play through it more of less sums up the type of experience we’re in for with the start up picture, a hazy window with shadows walking in the backgrounds and you know what that’s genius. So getting in to the actual game and the first few stages it was proper creepy and it made me keep alert to what ever might be around the corner, especially when the ‘sidekick’ decides to hang back and let you go of on your own (thanks for that prick!). So wondering through the narrow corridors with the lights of it made me jump a little when mutants would crawl through the celling and the walls randomly. Then it got to the action bits where like RE5 and 6 it became a bit “Michael Bay” as the fanbase would say but for me it didn’t make it any less enjoyable in fact it was a very good balance. Getting up to the first boss battle was quite a big “what the fuck?!” rage quite moment and then repeats the same formula through out.


The things I like about the game is the game play and most of the story even though it gets a bit weird in a lot of areas but it’s gripping none the less. The characters are well done like Jill Valentine for example, she’s attractive and yet she doesn’t have to go through out the whole game half naked which is a good sign. You can’t fault the soundtrack either because it creates the right effects in the right places and my favorite was the Promenade Hall, again that was absolute genius. The level designs were fantastic and really captured what the whole thing was about. Finally I really liked the innovative gamepad features, although lacking a few opportunities it made the game feel more immersive and shows what other Wii u games could be doing.


The things I didn’t like about the game are the really confusing ending, the story was gripping and I did my best to keep up but I just really didn’t understand it. All of the weapons just felt weak and ran out of bullets way to quickly, maybe that was the intention but I still feel that it could have been improved some what. The navigation like in most games these days drove me around the bend because it’s that type of navigation where it doesn’t tell you where the hell to go so you end up spending ages back tracking the way you came in, when that happens it always makes me go “for god sake just get on with it already!” As I said before the bosses in this game were not done very well either, I’ve only ever played three Capcom games that are this, lost planet and monster hunter three. All three of them are awesome but the bosses in all of them just show that Capcom don’t seem to know how to do a good boss fight. The water levels in this were really bad as well and them mixed in with poor navigation and yeah guess how many times I died before figuring out where I was suppose to go. Finally I did not like the side characters/sidekicks because they were next to useless through out 90% of the game, I understand that there not they’re to do everything for you but they might of well have not been there at all.


But despite all its flaws it really is an excellent game especially for new players like me. My good friend once said to me that this is what Aliens Colonial Marines should have been and to sum this game up and nut shell I say it’s 3rd person bioshock but without the super powers. My final verdict for Resident Evil Revelations is a 4/5; if Nintendo and Capcom continue to make these types of games then the future is looking a bit brighter for both companies.


Rating: 4/5


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