Music Review: CalatrilloZ CD/EP: The Marionette’s Theatre


Label: Glory and Honour

Official Websites:


Opera Metal…that is a thing right?  If it is up to the guys of CalatilloZ it will be.  This London based band goes all out with incorporating theatre, costumes, opera, symphonic elements and metal into one package.  According to the bands bio each member is also a part of the stories the band plays and plays a role in the performances.  I guess that is cool as it can add a unique element to the live music so why not.  The big question is how does the music itself stand up?

The music itself is not bad.  You have a singer who is the theatre and the music that is the driving metal/rock element mixed in with some symphonic elements.  Apparently the story behind the music is that each member of the band is a marionette controlled by a demon puppet master and if the demon loses control of the marionettes there can be some serious shit go down…and the music is supposed to weave this tale.  To me, I don’t really hear the story conveyed to full effect in the music in the manner I think the band is aiming for but then again some of the songs aren’t too bad either in and of themselves.

You’ll hear several songs that have some catchy riffs and lyrical passages that will make you take notice.  For how long you notice though might be up for debate however.  I found CalatrilloZ interesting for awhile but I can’t say that ‘The Marionette’s Theatre’ is something I will return to very often either as I felt it just didn’t engage me enough.  Maybe the band will grow more as time goes on as I see the potential for something good in this band but as for right now I just feel they need a little more time until they really catch on.

Rating: 2.5/5

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