Music Review: SadDolls CD: Grave Party


BY: TJ Fowler

Available: April 25th, 2014

Label: Inverse Records

Official Websites:


Got an interesting press sheet for a Greek Deathwave band called SadDolls.  I had never heard of ‘deathwave’ before and judging by the album cover I was expecting some sort of an electonica/techno/metal band.  What I got from ‘Grave Party’ was not exactly that but not an unpleasant listen either.‘Grave Party’ is filled with synth infused, goth rock riffs and a gloomy vocalist that fans of The 69 Eyes will enjoy greatly.  In fact the vocalist, Geroge Downloved, sounds so much like Jyrki 69 that maybe Jyrki should sue for vocal infringement.  I joke of course and that isn’t meant to be disrespectful to SadDolls as they singer suits the music here very well but they do sound very similar.  Speaking of the music itself and if it is worth your time…

Yes, I can say the music is worth your time and hopefully your money.  The songs are catchy, dark and fun to listen to.  Especially if you are feeling in a macabre mood or wanting to watch ‘The Crow’ or any other dark romance movie that you need a soundtrack for.  The music as mentioned is a synth laden hard riff affair complimented very well by George Downloved’s deep vocals that drip with a dark emotion.  Some of the songs that caught my ears on ‘Grave Party’ were ‘Lady Cry’ and ‘Terminate Me’ which I think will give any listener a solid idea of what the band is trying to convey.

While I did enjoy ‘Grave Party’ I did start to notice as the 12 tracks played out the band does tend to start getting a little repetitive.  I notice a lot of bands these days that start filling albums with 10 or more tracks also fall into this problem area.  I think this may be due to the fact that they have to spread out the creative juices over more songs instead of concentrating on fewer songs and as a result some songs get diluted.

Aside from the repetitiveness issues I had with ‘Grave Party’ the album is a solid listen.  If you like the goth/dark synth music this album will be something you will be very happy with.  For casual fans it will be something that you too can enjoy on a limited basis as well.  Helsinki has their Vampires with The 69 Eyes and Greece now have their Nocturnal Athenian Vamps with SadDolls.

Rating: 3/5

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