Music Review: Killgasm CD A Stab In The Heart Of Christ


By: Callum Lavender

Available: 28th May 2014

Label: Moribund

Official Website:


With a band name and album name like this how can anyone ignore it, when I get sent stuff like this I’m more than curious to see what we’re dealing with? So what are we dealing with… a majorly hardcore screaming metal band that amazingly has only three band members, if you want an album that will get your blood flowing and heart racing at insane speed then this will do it. But be warned if you listen to this while you’re with people you may very well start brutal (and I do mean brutal) mosh pits/fights. Just a quick heads up though before you continue reading, I’ve never had this before but some of the points I’ll point out are going to be both good and bad at the same time.     


Upon my first listen the intro is like the opening to a metal concert, it makes you involuntary scream “WOOO” and then gets into the fast bit and you can’t help but go crazy. Then I hear the vocals which just made me go “oh I see this type of band again” not saying there’s anything really wrong with this type of thing it’s just something I don’t listen to on a regular basis as I’ve already said. Then my interest goes all over the place like one part of a song “this is awesome” then another part “oh not so awesome”.


The song I enjoyed the most and recommend are: ‘Humanity In Ashes’ (and by extension the opening track and the album self title track)


The things I liked about the album were the awesome overall sound in general, the insane guitar, the stomping bass and the relatively okayish drums. It’s quite an achievement that the fact that it’s only done by three musicians and ‘Miserable Experience’ is quite a nice and interesting experimental instrumental as well as the few voice clips (the irony of the title).


The things that I didn’t like about it were the slightly odd timing signatures and progressiveness in all of the songs.


Now the things I liked and yet didn’t at the same time were the vocals, as I said before I can appreciate people who can sing like this because I can’t but still my views were mixed. Half of the vocals I could not understand a word that was being said and it just made me go “what the fuck”, are the songs about Christianity… god knows (see what I did there). But at the same time at a lot of other points it didn’t matter cause it blended in quite well with the music and sound and the voice clips were interesting. The songs are a bit sameish through out; all of them sound like there trying to be ten album songs at once with the odd tempo and timing changes. At the same time it’s really hard to pick songs I like (despite the one’s I mentioned) and then its really hard to pick songs I didn’t like because as I said its just all over the place.


Since this is the bands second album its safe to say they’ve done really well to get to this stage so far. Especially for this type of metal and especially since it only has three members when most bands like this have about five average. I really do think they’ve hit upon something special yet at the same time it needs a lot of fine tuning (no pun intended) and a lot of things to be re worked then we will have something truly epic. My final verdict is a 2.5/5 simply cause I really am stuck in the middle of this album and its really strange I know. With 95% of music you can say you either like it or hate but this I really can’t say. By the way if your going to start a band like this then maybe it’s worth taking a look to see the very basics of grind core pushed to the absolute limits.


Rating: 2.5/5


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