Music Review: Block Buster EP: Hammered & Smashed


Available: Now

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I have to be honest here first.  I know the guys in Block Buster, have attended their shows and also done promo photos for them, so obviously some people will think I might be a bit biased.  I will do my best not to be and judge for yourself as you read the review…you never know I may rip them a new asshole.

Block Buster come from Kuopio, Finland and has been bouncing around for a few years in the pubs.  Unlike many Finnish bands I associate with that play metal Block Buster plays straight ahead fun classic Rock and Roll.  Think a modern day version of .38 Special, BTO and the other groups from the 70’s but maybe with a little more speed.

The EP ‘Hammered and Smashed’ contains 5 songs all of which are very fun, energetic guitar driven rock songs.  You have songs that contain the big backing vocals to help hook the listener, a very workman like attitude, good lead guitars and a singer that while he still sounds young has a gravel-ly type vocal style.

A good showcase of the bands talents is the first song on the EP ‘To Hell and Back’ which I think really captures everything the band sets out to capture.

The fun and rebellious spirit of classic rock.

If you are a fan of the classic rock from the 70’s but wanting to hear a younger generation’s interpretation of playing classic rock instead of the 70’s bands themselves and not risk being disappointed, check out Block Buster as they not only play what they think Classic Rock should be but also capture the spirit of the music as well.

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