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Plot Synopsis:  Down on his luck dude Elliot, gets a strange phone call giving him a set of challenges to complete, each more daring than the last.  In return, he receives some much needed cash…and a whole lot of not needed trouble.

I went into 13 Sins cold, meaning I had no idea what the movie was supposed to be about.  What I got was an interesting tale of just how far someone might go for cash and how much further they would go to not go to jail…then how much further beyond that would they go when faced with some ugly truths.

13 Sins revolves around Elliot, a guy who has just lost his job, has a pregnant girlfriend and has trouble standing up for himself.  One night, as Elliot is sitting at a red light he gets a mysterious call on his cell phone from a man who knows way more information about him than anyone should.  The Voice offers Elliot a thousand dollars if he would simply kill a fly that is in his car.  Elliot swats the fly and immediately receives a grand into his bank account.  The voice then offers him another challenge of eating the fly to receive enough money to pay off his girlfriend’s credit card.  After driving home and checking his bank account online, Elliot indeed sees money in his account.  He then decides to eat the fly, gets the extra money and receives another phone call from the mysterious voice.

Here, the rules of the game are laid out for Elliot.  He is too complete eleven more challenges, he can’t tell anyone about what is going on, he has 36 hours to complete the game and though he can quit at anytime, if he does so he loses all money he has accumulated.

Elliot accepts the terms and throughout the rest of the movie Elliot receives calls detailing what his next challenge is.  As each challenge is revealed they become more and more morally questionable, dangerous and Elliot really has to question whether to keep going or not.

As the movie plays out you find out there is apparently a shadow group that has been doing this game for centuries and manipulating world events…though this is somewhat just a side plot but a interesting one that I personally would have liked to have seen explored a little more…maybe in a sequel?  We also begin to see Elliot gain confidence in himself as he completes some of the challenges only to find himself soon after in a worse situation with a new challenge.  We also see some nice plot twists here and there in the movie, though not ‘HOLY SHIT!’ moments they were interesting.

As for the challenges themselves they were kind of interesting also though there were a few that made me really question if feasible or not but I let it slide and enjoyed the movie for what it was.

Overall, 13 Sins was a well constructed movie, though I thought the ending was a little too neatly wrapped considering some of the stuff Elliot did, but still the movie was a fun watch and it kept me engaged and I liked the conspiracy theory aspect to the film.

If you are fan of movies that lean a bit on the unknown and getting people wrapped up in circumstances that place them in situations of whether they can do one action over another then 13 Sins will be a movie you will enjoy.

Rating: 3.5/5

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: 13 Sins”

  1. I do like the sound of this – anything remotely close in plot to THE GAME then I am in. Will keep my eye out for it. BTW – it’s Jason from LinkedIn Movie Addicts – saw your link on there. Cool site. Some friends of mine also told me a little while back to suss a film called Cheap Thrills – also a little bit in this vein I think – you may like to suss it also.

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