Music Review: Dinner Music for the Gods: CD: Beautiful and Treacherous


BY: Mike Wood

Label: Self-Released

Available: February 24th, 2014

Official Websites


                When I saw the name of this band, I had high expectations.  Dinner Music for the Gods (DMFTG) more than delivered with their new album ‘Beautiful and Treacherous.’  I went in without reading any backstory and I must say I was pleasantly surprised to find a hard hitting rock and metal go to album. 

Of course their name put me in mind of a dinner party, attended by all the metal and rock Gods:  Hendrix, Skynyrd, Led Zep and Iron Maiden.  I can see Hendrix handing this vinyl to Jimmy Page as they sip a bit of Tennessee moonshine.  Page then walks over to the big redwood console Hi-Fi and starts a needle through the title track, ‘Beautiful and Treacherous.’  What first impressed me was the dual guitars, which together make this track memorable and sets the stage for what follows.  ‘Sofia’ brings in some classical and flamenco melodies which are again, held together by the dual axes which never seem to rest.  Next up DMFTG delivers their own rendition of the classic Led Zep tune ‘Kashmir.’  Page would be gently nodding his head as these guys pour it on.  The quartet continues to deliver on ‘Winterfell’, ‘Wind Through the Trees,’ and ‘The Tower,’ which all are carried by the twin leads.  ‘Queenshead’ ties Muntean’s drums together with the guitars and creates the perfect heavy jam which segues us into the final track,  ‘Ghost Troopers in the Sky.’  At this point in our metal dinner party, Odin walks in and DMFTG responds by dishing out a strong Maiden-esque rendition of the Outlaws classic tune.  You can actually feel the hoofbeats of the hellbound stampede as they pound through the track

‘Beautiful and Treacherous ‘ is an ambitious instrumental album, which is hard hitting, yet melodic and sophisticated.  Instrumentals aren’t for everyone, but I think your average rock/metal fan will find something here to enjoy.

Dim the lights, throw this album on the player and get ready for a feast for your ears that the rock Gods will smile down upon with approval.



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