Music Review: Kill Ritual: CD: The Eyes of Medusa


By: Scott Foster

Label: GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music

Available: April 4, 2014

Official Websites



Well, this album was quite a pleasant surprise. As soon as the first track started I thought to myself “Hmmm. That sounds sort of like something Megadeth might have done, once upon a time.” Let me say now that I know people don’t like Megadeth. I do. My 8 year old daughter does. So when I make the comparison, it is a good thing. Now imagine David Bowie’s Goblin King character from Labyrinth popping up every now and then to add some vocal flavoring. Not Dance Magic Goblin King; I mean haunting vocals walking on Escher stairs Goblin King. Trust me, I mean this in a good way.

As for the songs, the album hits the ground running and just never lets up. Sure, sometimes a particular song will step back for a breather, but then it’s right back in to the high energy. And Kill Ritual is playing classic metal the way it should be done. Heavy guitar, fast hammering on the drums, and vocalist that is pushing himself. I can’t think of a song on the album that I didn’t enjoy, though Hair Trigger, Ride Into the Night, and Writing on the Wall have a good chance of becoming favorites.

As excellent as the musicianship on The Eyes of Medusa is, I am even more impressed with the vocal talents of singer Josh Gibson. Even more props if he was switching from a David Mustaine or Axl Rose sound to carry what I’m dubbing the Haunting Goblin King sounds. Fantastic vocals were just icing on the cake to interesting guitar licks. While lead guitarist Rice did make use of repetition in his playing, it was never in a manner that felt boring.

Well, I want to make this rating one that I hand out rarely, so slapping it on my second review seems a bit weird, but Kill Ritual deserves it. These veteran musicians have put together an excellent, fast paced album that will be in my playlist for a long time.




Josh Gibson – Vocals
Steven Rice – Guitars
Danyael Williams– Bass
Gee Anzalone – Drums

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