Music/Movie Review: NightSatan CD/Movie: NightSatan and the Loops of Doom



Available: May 9th 2014

Label: Svart / Solina / Twisted Films

Official Websites:


      It is rare that I view something so absurd and insane and still have such an enjoyable time as I have had with NightSatan and the Loops of Doom.   Staring the ?Laser metal? band NightSatan themselves, NightSatan and the Loops of Doom is a tribute to the 80’s Italian post apocalyptic movies.  Well, I do know something about those old 80’s flicks…the American ones anyway.  After seeing the first 5 minutes of this movie I think I can for sure tell where the Italian influence comes in when a tranny confronts the band and they play one note of their music and said tranny somehow lays an egg that plops on the ground between its legs.  I knew then that I was in for something…special.

wizardThe movie itself focuses on the cannibal band trio NightSatan themselves as they roam the wasteland of some far away world and play their music so they can maintain their sanity…though judging from this movie the definition of sanity is open for interpretation…like REALLY open.  You have the three guys in the band, one of which is a psychotic skull faced Mad Max/Twisted Metal reject, another is some kind of metal masked techno wizard that talks in a 80’s computer voice and delivers his ‘wisdom’ and the ‘normal’ looking one who has a TV for shoulder armor or something.

The ‘plot’ of the movie seems to be that the normal looking guy of the band sees a female who is captured by a wasteland raider and wants to rescue her.  So the trio set off in search.  Along the way they run into some strange kid who sounds like a radio broadcast when it opens its mouth, a tranny wearing fake tits, women buried up to their head in the sand that is constantly screaming while wearing a set of headphones, skull shattering face punches, cannibalism, strange dialog and some kind of techno-wizardry…oh and also some titties from a the rescued girl who is totally not very grateful.

The movie itself is absurd and hilarious in a way only an 80’s b-movie could be and while the skullfacemovie is played straight faced by everyone it is obvious that it is also supposed to funny and cheesy as well.  Especially with how the camera will suddenly zoom into the faces of the characters and show their stupid expressions…even the techno-wizard guy with his metal mask looks idiotic when they zoom into his face for dramatic effect.

My girlfriend was in the living room as I was watching this movie and her reaction to the movie to say the least was not as favorable as mine…she had such a passionate reaction to it that she claimed that is was, ‘The stupidest, most disgusting and worst movie she has ever seen.’ and ‘It was so awful with that head in the sand screaming all the time.’  Her reaction to it was also hilarious and made me laugh and enjoy the movie even more.

And she is right, the movie is stupid, awful and bad…but in a good way and should be seen.

On the music side of things, NightSatan also perform the soundtrack to the movie.  And if you are familiar with low budget movie synth soundtracks from the 80’s then you will know what to expect here.  You have a full barrage of synth overload that suits the movie well and the type of music NightSatan is wanting to play.  It has a definite 80’s sci-fi feel to it that would not be out of place in a video store early 80’s sci-fi flick.  My only complaint is that I wished more of the tunes were a little more ‘ominous and forbidding’ sounding as some of the songs seem a little too light hearted.  But overall not a bad soundtrack of instrumental scores…though I’m not sure it is metal…or laser metal…or…whatever.

When you get the chance check out NightSatan and the Loops of Doom when it releases…the movie comes with the purchase of the album and you can get a healthy dose of, ‘What the Fuck’ is going on…




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