Music Review: Freedom Call – CD: Beyond


By: Callum Lavender


Available: 24th February 2014


Label: Steamhammer/SPV


Official Website:


I’m very excited to be checking out the latest album by Freedom Call because if truth were known I am a massive fan but I will do my best to not be bios. I thought I would start this by telling a quick story of how I ‘accidently’ became a fan, when I was 18 in sixth form college I was sitting next to two of my class mates and was over hearing there conversation. One of them said, “have you heard palace of fantasy by Freedom Call it’s a great song?” then the other said, “It sounds like a song to a Disney movie”. So curiosity got the better of me and some time later I checked out that song on youtube and when I did I must of hit the replay button about 50 times, then soon after discovered some of there other classic hits. So how does this new chapter compare with there other 15+ years of material… lets find out.


Upon my first listen I was happy to hear that it was Freedom Call being Freedom Call only this time the songs are bigger, louder and very uplifting. It has everything fans like about Freedom Call with its power-balled hooks, bright clean solo’s, big choruses and some of the usual special effects here and there (like additional synths etc.). After ‘land of the crimson dawn’ it left me wondering what would brain child Chris Bay be able to come up with next and he doesn’t disappoint. He and the boys created another album that fills you with hope and energy to fight any battle with a smile on your face.


The songs that I enjoyed the most and recommend are: knights of tarragon, Come on home (sounding like power and glory only even better which I didn’t think I would say), journey into wonderland (where the band still cleverly sneaks in lyrics referencing there own name “in freedom we call”) and dance with the devil (which sounds like a medieval football world cup anthem if they had had it back then).


The things I liked about this album is that it doesn’t necessarily sound like all the other Freedom Call records and yet still has all the ingredients that the fans like. It really is a true successor to the previous album and it really is a brand new chapter in the Freedom Call story. It’s often pointed out that the band always has a different line up each year and maybe that’s what helps their creative process, and this year the new line up includes a familiar face. Also it still sounds like it could be used for the final fantasy games (the earlier ones), the total war games and even marvel’s Thor movie soundtracks. The lyrics still sound like the diary entries of a noble knight or a magical wizard living in those medieval times or maybe both.


The things I didn’t like about the album was mainly the self titled song beyond, don’t get me wrong it’s a good song and started of well but I couldn’t help but feel that it went on for to long and slowed everything down to much, maybe that was the intention but I still think it should have been saved for near the end. It picked up again for the next few songs especially with the examples I mentioned but then the last few songs were kind of fading and lost a bit of its pace compared to the first two thirds. Thankfully beyond eternity ends the album positively.


Freedom Call are what we would call a standard working class metal band, every two years they write a new album and tour the world in between to let people know that they are still here. So as someone who has heard there other stuff before is this a place for a new fan to start? Most definitely yes but I would recommend quickly listening to palace of fantasy and land of the light to get a feel for the band as a whole. My final verdict for Freedom Call Beyond is a 4/5, the fans have been a bit funny about some of the Freedom Call stuff in recent years like thunder god and hero on video even though I really liked those songs but if you’re a big fan like me then be sure to check out this brand new chapter and rediscover why we love Freedom Call. By the way I’m still holding out for the day where I can see a Freedom Call gig without going to a single UK festival date or a single London gig.




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