Music Review: Monte Pittman CD:The Power Of Three


Release Date: 21st January 2014

Metal Blade records

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By: Callum Lavender


The power of three is a very appropriate title here as it has been made by three very talented and gifted musicians, I don’t know an awful lot about Monte Pittman but from what I’ve read (and heard) he is an exceptional and note worthy guitarist and singer who has nailed it perfectly with this album. The music is nothing more that three very good friends heading down to their basement, playing from the heart and having an all out good time. 


Upon my first listen I was pulled in like a fly to a Venus fly trap with its introduction, the introduction of the first track is a very beautiful, peaceful and yet haunting sound of a fire with Spanish acoustic guitars. Then when your pulled in they grab you and they don’t let go when they get into the first track which is the sound of a fresh, fast and classic rock sound. My imagination might be running a bit wild here but imagine that musical scientists had somehow gathered DNA samples of Black Sabbath, nirvana, Jimi Hendrix and some other classic metal acts that I can’t really put my finger on and created a musical entity that was young, up to date, fresh and energetic and you have this album in a nutshell.


The songs that I enjoyed most and recommend are (as well as the opening): blood hungry thirst, before the mourning sun and end of the world. Those songs will give you a good idea of what we’re dealing with here.


The things that I liked about the album was the fresh and heavy guitar sound along with the fast paste songs, like I said once you’ve been pulled in it’s very hard to break free again, and it’s very well crafter for a power of only three. The artwork (much like the music) is very striking and immediately catches your attention and from what I gathered from the lyrics they sounded like the diary entries of a very passionate metal head. The only thing I didn’t like that’s really note worthy is that the first and second half of the album is a bit same-ish in a fair few areas and every now and then it has some of it’s breakdowns in questionable places, but the upside to this is that if you get the album you most likely won’t be skipping it very much.

The ending track is very much like a song to a theatre rock musical and Monte sums it up best with the words “there’s nothing more than I can prove” and you know what he’s dead on. They came, they made this album, they rocked with passion and that’s all there was to it. Well except the ending where the growly, whispery and creepy voice just catches you by surprise one last time before fading away with those Spanish acoustic guitar and crackling fire sounds, the story ends the way it began. My final verdict for Monte Pittman’s the power of three is a 4/5, if you want to hear very limited yet very talented classic rock/metal at its finest then be sure to check out the power of the three.


Rating: 4/5


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