Music Review: MetalSteel CD: This is Your Revelation


By: TJ Fowler

Label: Self Released

Available: Now

Official Websites:


It is rare that I hear a metal band that, sound and production wise would sound like a commercial American ‘metal’ band of today but talent wise sound like a positive direction of what a solid, modern day metal band should sound like.  MetalSteel has that rare blend of positives from both sides of the spectrum.

‘This is Your Revelation’ would be classified to me as a traditional heavy metal album in terms of its style and core sound but produced in a way that should catch the ear of not only veteran metal heads but also young listeners more accustomed to hearing the more current bands that float around the airwaves.  But MetalSteel is much more than those other bands that are out there that the young kids in America would listen to such as Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandra or Bring Me the Horizon.  I am not sure if MetalSteel has pulled a very clever move or not but it almost seems like they could really steal away fans of those other bands and keep them for themselves because the band has produced something that I can see appealing to commercial audiences but not being commercial.  If that makes sense?

The two major things that stand out on ‘This is your Revelation’ is the catchy guitar riffs that are mixed extremely well and have a hard bite to them.  The other is the vocals of Beni Kic which has a vocal distinctness but also has a nice clean voice that the average music listener will be able to identify with.  A strong voice, clean vocals that compliment the songs very well is a recipe for success to me.  Beni reminds me somewhat of Matt Barlow of Iced Earth and some other metal bands from Europe in the 90’s that I can’t seem to remember.

If you are looking for a band that has some great talented musicians that craft some catchy hard rock metal songs and that are enjoyable to listen to then check out MetalSteel as they have a damn good album with ‘This is Your Revelation’.  Truly an undiscovered gem from Slovenia that deserves your attention.


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