Music Review: Ringworm CD: Hammer of the Witch Album


Available: March 18th, 2014

Label: Relapse Records

By: Callum Lavender


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The witches are coming! That’s what you’re clearly told by the intro to the opening track of the album… but then this Cleveland, Ohio based band tell you what there really about and to tell you the truth it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. What we are treated to here is a classic heavy, head banging hardcore band with growly voices. Now I myself personally do not listen to this type of thing very often but from what I understand this type of genre has a large and very passionate following and I say to that fan base your going to enjoy this. Ringworm have been around since the early 90’s and I have to say it’s nice to see a band like this still going strong in this day and age.


Upon my first listen to the album I was drawn in by the introduction of the first track because it created that vibe that there was something sinister coming my way, then it got into it and I thought the sound was cool but at the same time also a bit bland. The good news however is that the further the album went the more it picked up and got going.


If you are going to pick this album up then the best songs that I enjoyed and recommend are: exit life, the title track hammer of the witch and die like a pig.

Stick those songs on and it will sure get your blood flowing.


The things that I like about this album is the very solid and basic heavy wall guitar sound that plays those very simple metal chords and solos, if your in this type of mood this would be a very cool album to listen to when your on your own and feeling angry/frustrated because it’s a great album to head bang to and to relive those feelings. I know album artwork is not that important compared to a band’s music but as an artist myself I really like the album artwork, it’s very simple and yet very compelling, if there were a life size poster of this then I would gladly hang it in my room. Now the things I didn’t like was the vocals, don’t get me wrong I admire vocalist in this genre because lord knows I couldn’t do it, and I’ve heard that once you read the lyrics they sing then they become a lot clearer. However I do not have the lyrics with me while I’m writing this so I can’t really back that up, I’m just going by what I’m listening to. When it comes to any music I do prefer to hear the words clearly because I feel that its an important part of the song but in this album I can only make out so much, but still I’m betting that Ringworm’s vocalist sounds amazing live and will most likely send shivers down the audience spine. I said it was a good thing that it sounded basic but at the same time that’s also a down side because there’s nothing really new here, this is the very first ringworm album I have ever heard so I can’t really compare it to anything else they’ve done, but comparing it to the genre then its really nothing new, like I already said though it can be a good thing if you’re a fan and you just want a classic heavy hardcore album to headband to.


I don’t listen to this type of thing very much but at many points I do find myself head banging and its quite difficult to not want to. For fans of this type of metal if your looking for something to stick on a Friday/Saturday night while u have some beers and hanging out with your head banging friends you wont go wrong with this album. My final verdict for Ringworms Hammer of the Witch is a 3/5, they’ve been here for 20+ years and hopefully they will still be here in another 20 years time.



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