Movie Review: In Fear


Plot Synopsis: A new couple decides to take a trip to an out of the way hotel for some new romance fucking and get lost in a maze of roads and get some fucking of another kind.


                I had heard a few things about ‘In Fear’ from some friends of mine and that it was supposed to be about how much you could really trust the person you are with.  Especially when you have just recently got to know the person.  So does ‘In Fear’ succeed in playing on a viewer’s paranoid senses?  Well…not exactly but also it still manages to pull off an entertaining viewing.

‘In Fear’ begins with our main characters Tom and Lucy, who just recently met,  setting off for a music festival when Tom decides to tell Lucy that he booked a hotel in the countryside of Ireland in the hopes Lucy will join him for some pre-festival fun.  Lucy agrees and Tom follows a some faceless guy in an all terrain vehicle(why you wouldn’t at least get out and talk to this guy is beyond me) to some lone gate with a road that is supposed to lead to the hotel.

After Tom and Lucy are left to travel the road by themselves they eventually find themselves in a maze of roads with signs pointing them in all kinds of directions on how to get to the hotel.  After some time it becomes apparent that the couple is lost, nerves are frayed and someone is fucking with them.

As the movie plays out Lucy thinks Tom has done something to piss off some people while Tom insinuates that Lucy cockteased a barman from earlier in the film.  All of this is attempts by the film makers to instill the paranoia/trust issues one would find themselves in with someone they just recently met.  To me, I don’t think they achieved this to the degree they would have liked because the dialog between the characters just doesn’t convey the paranoia as it should.  Also, latter in the movie another character gets introduced that tries to further the feelings of mistrust but this inclusion still doesn’t fully realize what I think the film makers wanted to convey.  I also feel if this extra character wasn’t introduced it would have helped make what was going on in the movie more mysterious and really would leave the viewer asking more questions and thinking about the movie overall.

To me ‘In Fear’ reminded me a bit of ‘The Hitcher’ mixed with a little ‘Wrong Turn’ and a dash of Slender Man.   I really liked how ‘In Fear’ used the setting to give the viewer a creepy sense of isolation and getting lost in some fucked up road system.  Also, the film makers made what I feel is a pretty solid horror/thriller movie just not one that supposedly plays on the fears and paranoia of two people who are basically strangers.  Instead they made a movie about two people caught in a circumstance that would unnerve even people who have been friends for a long time.

Overall, ‘In Fear’ is a good movie and enjoyable to watch just don’t expect a movie based on exactly what the tagline says.

Rating: 3.5/5

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