Thy Worshiper – Czarna Dzika Czerwień


Label: Pagan Records

Available: Now


Official homepage:





by: Juuso Viljanen



Polish/Irish band Thy Worshiper really mixes genres here. Their music is mix of pagan metal, tribal folk, celtic music and of course black metal. Six musicians put their creative minds together and result is…should I say, interesting.


Thy Worshipers third full-lenght album ‘Czarna Dzika Czerwień’ is basically a collection of different types of songs and genres put on one disk. That’s why it’s very difficult to really get into. What I really love on this album is the huge number of instruments you can hear on it. That’s what gives this album the folk and pagan atmosphere. I love it!

I really hoped the whole album would be just those folkish or pagan songs. That’s what this band does best. Black metal moments aren’t bad, but they sound a bit like they’re taken from some other album. Maybe Thy Worshiper should try making a pure black metal album too?


Even though album has a few really good folk songs it’s not enough to make me desire for more of this. Plus there’s a bit too much of everything on the album. Thy Worshiper should possibly stick to combining two genres and focusing on them instead of trying to put four genres together and ending up having an album with two black metal songs, a pagan song, aceltic song and so on.

Keep up the hard work!

RATING: 1½ / 5

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