Music Review: Sound of Memories EP: Living Circles


Available: NOW

Label: Indie

Official Websites:


                Sound of Memories is a new band that just came to my attention through a promo invite that I FINALLY got to listen to.  So did my procrastination deny me a great listening experience?  Well in many was…YEP! 

The ‘Living Circles’ EP contains  3 songs that does an excellent job of mixing great guitar thrash/Iron Maiden riffs and melodies combined with pseudo black/death metal vocals.  I found this an excellent mix as the vocals weren’t to the extreme that most black metal bands go to but complimented the music side of things very well.  The death metal vocals though did seem a bit much to my ears but I have never been a big fan of the extreme metal anyway.

Of all the songs on the EP I feel the first song ‘Cyborg from Dust’ captures all the strong points of the band.  The song is catchy, has a good fast temp and the vocals fit in with everything nicely.

I’m not sure when a LP is due to be released but I look forward to hearing more from Sound of Memories when they release more tunes.

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