Horror Review: Hillbilly Horror Show



I was presented with the opportunity to review a online TV show called ‘The Hillbilly Horror Show’ which revolves around three rednecks Bo, Cephas and Lulu who sit around in their trailer and watch horror short films.  The basic premise of the show is to help give independent film makers a way to get exposure for their work, while in between films we witness some interaction between the rednecks.

                Being from Tennessee myself I know the hillbilly/redneck way of life pretty well and the mentality of some people who come from small towns in the South.  I was never one to be offended by people who poke fun at the Southern stereotypes, in fact I will poke fun at them to all in good nature.  However I think ‘The Hillbilly Horror Show’, while not trying to be patronizing or just making fun of Southern people kind of go a little overboard with the stereotypes a bit. 

                Bo’s southern accent seems a bit exaggerated to me, as I have a thick southern accent myself, I know there are others who have ones stronger than me but for the purposes of this show I think it was a bit too much.  Also they play up the brother/sister/cousin love angle too and honestly…we can do better than that.  Again though, I don’t think the show is trying to make fun of Southerners, I just think maybe they are trying a bit too hard in some parts.

                With that out of the way how is the show itself?  Well…it’s not too bad.  I like the idea of some southern boys/gals watching horror flicks and putting a ‘Mountain Boy’ spin to it but I feel while they over reached on playing up the hillbilly stereotypes they kind of come up a little short with tying it in with the horror thing going on.  For a set they have all the trappings of a trailer park but nothing that looks ‘Horror’ other than the movies they play then after each one they kind of say a little something.  Put up some ‘redneck’ Halloween decorations or something and set the time at night for some atmosphere.

                I think the show would benefit if the skits we see in between movies would somehow tie into the movie we would be getting ready to watch…which they kind of sort of do with the last movie of the show and VERY loosely with some of the others.  I think if they kind of come up with something a little more cohesive in this area would be great.  For example, the first movie was about a guy who catches his wife cheating with his friend.  So maybe for a way to introduce the film they would have a skit that would tie into that plot that matches the hillbilly theme they have.  Then at the end of each movie try to say a little bit more than what they do.

                Like I said earlier the show itself isn’t bad it just needs some polish.  I also like Lulu as she has a nice rack and I like how the show isn’t afraid to ‘strategically’ hit all her right angles.  I would like the show to turn into this decades Joe Bob Briggs Monstervision Drive-In as I think it would be nice to see something like Joe Bob Briggs again and I think ‘The Hillbilly Horror Show’ with some work could have a nice little niche like Joe Bob for themselves.

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