Music Review: Reason CD: The Darkest Star

Reason - The Darkest Star - Artwork

Available: Now

Label: Alienation Records

Official Websites:





                On occasion I run across a band that doesn’t really seem to fall right into a certain category of music or seems to be caught between two genres in terms of their sound.  When I listen to Reason’s, ‘The Darkest Star’ I feel that I am listening to a band that has a production sound of a late 80’s pop rock band that has prog rock elements but wants to sound like a symphonic metal band.  Instead they come off as something that is not really any of those.

I really can’t say anything negative about ‘The Darkest Star’.  The album sounds good production wise, the musicians are very talented with some good guitar work and the songs are well done.  However I can’t say there is anything about the album that really stands out to the point that makes me say HELL YEAH!  As I mentioned the band seems to have fallen into some strange limbo of a musical identity crisis.  The closest thing I could say is that ‘The Darkest Star’ sounds like a well produced late 80’s rock band that would have bounced around some local radio stations and maybe some brief MTV exposure but the album as a whole never says much.

If you are looking for a band that has talented musicians and some songs to pass the time with, you could do a whole lot worse than Reason.  Just don’t expect this album to leave much of a memorable impression.



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