Music Review: Lucian the Wolfbearer CD: Haunted


Label: Self Released

Available: NOW

Official Websites:



                Ah!  A new release from Lucian the Wolf Bearer!  I was treated to this bands prior release ‘Void’ several months ago and was really intrigued and blown away by the atmosphere and interesting sounds that album put forth and gave it high praise. So now we have a new release, ‘Haunt’ coming our way and when it was sent to me I was very eager to jump in on this.

Again Lucian the Wolfbearer produces a great Nordic Doom album with ‘Haunt’ that brings forth the bleakness and darkness you might think of when imagining the dreary life of Norway in 500 B.C.  Unlike a lot of black metal bands that seem to be from Norway or bands trying to capture that Norwegian sound, Lucian the Wolfbearer goes for the slow and plodding sound that bring a true sense of despair.

The difference you will find in ‘Haunt’ and ‘Void’ is that the former is more electric guitar driven and the vocals on some songs go towards a death metal sound.  The vocal thing was a little bit hit and miss for me but they are not all death on the album just on the first few songs.  When Katz the singer sings in his more natural voice I feel the music is the better for it as he has a very strong and unique voice that really captures something special.

I think personally I still like ‘Void’ better but also that was my first taste of this band…and you always remember those type of things better sometimes.

I highly recommend ‘Haunt’ as I think it is something of a unique treat for metal fans out there.  The fact the bands comes from Ohio makes it even more of an oddity/pleasant surprise.  However, being a Cleveland Browns fan myself I can see how such a depressive and gloom sounding band can come from the area because being a fan of that football team will inspire nothing but doom and dread thoughts.



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