Music Review: Enfeeble CD: Encapsulate the Moment

Enfeeble - Encapsulate This Moment - Artwork

Label: TWS Music

Available: March 7, 2014

Official Websites:



Interview contact:

A thrash band I’m told.  LIES I SAY!  Well anyway I will review this.

Enfeeble classify themselves as some kind of a melodic death/thrash/metalcore band.  Well I will say they got the Metalcore part right…unfortunately.

‘Encapsulate the Moment’ is 13 tracks of a lot of blast notes and screaming which for me just does not do it for me.  Honestly, I don’t mind some screaming or growling vocals but when you mix them in with music that is one dimensional with songs that are even less than that, what you get is a mess.   And a mess is exactly what this CD is.  For the entire time I listened to the CD I never heard any melody except for maybe one or two quick riffs in a couple songs and the same can be said for the thrash elements which can be found in the song ‘False Faith’, which is the best track on the album for me as it is about the only one that I can recall to memory.  Which is ironic as I went into this album with some false faith thinking it was going to deliver more of a pleasurable experience.

The album is metalcore all the way and if that is your thing then by all means go for it instead I got some kind of impression the band was a ‘tougher’ version of Asking Alexandria and well we all know how ‘tough’ Asking Alexandria is.  I hang my head in shame…



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