Music Review: Hirax CD: Immortal Legacy


Available: Feb. 24th, 2014

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Official Websites:


Hirax was/is one of the bands from the early thrash metal scene that sprung up in the Bay Area alongside Metallica, Slayer and Exodus and when you hear the band you can easily tell the era they came from.  For me, I knew of Hirax but for whatever reason I never did get to listen to them though out my metal listening life.  I have to say that is a mistake on my part, however Hirax has a new album coming out titled ‘Immortal Legacy’ that gives me the opportunity to jump on the Hirax speed train.  So how was it?  Well I have to say I’m glad I got on board!

The band as mentioned is firmly rooted in that mid-80’s thrash sound.  While other bands such as Slayer and Exodus still play thrash, their sound is also modernized by the way they record their music.  Hirax’s sound still has that warm and ‘classic’ feel  you would hear from records recorded from the time period when the band started.  To me I find this sound very refreshing and it is what gave heavy metal that blue collar fighting spirit when it first got started.

‘Immortal Legacy’ has twelve tracks of classic thrash metal that any grizzled veteran fan of the genre will really want to sink their teeth into.  The guitar riffs are catchy and distinct and most of the songs are unique and interesting as well.  Lance Harrison does a great job of capturing the essence of classic thrash metal in his playing and is a great addition to the band.  Katon DePena, the only original member left in the band, still has a great voice after all these years and obviously it is him who will give the band their signature sound.

Overall, I found ‘Immortal Legacy’ a pretty solid thrash album from a band that comes from a time when it was formed and helped form it.  As a result you have a very genuine thrash metal album done by a band who knows how to do it right.

Rating: 4/5

Line Up:

Katon W. DePena – Vocals

Lance Harrison – Lead guitars

Steve Harrison – Bass guitar

Jorge Iacobellis – Drums

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