Music Review: Voidhanger CD: Working Class Misanthropy


Available: NOW

Label: Pagan Records

Official Websites:


I have noticed a trend lately of black metal getting merged with thrash metal a lot.  This is understandable as thrash metal does have roots that delve into the more chaotic aggressiveness of black metal so now that we see bands begin to merge the styles a bit more seems like something that has come full circle.  When a band wants to add punk elements into the mix, I can also see some merit in that though the mixture may not always be a good blend depending on just how much a listener likes punk music.  With Voidhanger you have band that seems to have mixed the three genres pretty decently together for the most part.

Of the Punk, Thrash and Black metal mixtures I would say Voidhanger is 50% punk, 20% thrash and 30% Black.  This is mainly due to the fact the singer is a very punk rock styled vocalist.  For me, as a listener, it is not really my thing as I was never a BIG punk rock guy but for others it may be what makes the band accessible as opposed to a singer who sounds like they drink razor blades for fun.

On the metal side of things the band forgoes the total black metal trend of hammering out blast beats and single note riffs(though that is heavily present) and do incorporate to some pretty catchy riffs in some of their songs (the thrash side of things).

Overall Voidhanger does a good job of mixing it all together and I found ‘Working Class Misanthropy’ a decent and listenable album with some catchy songs that I did enjoy.  I can’t say I am an extreme metal convert or anything but at least I know we have bands like Voidhanger out there that can mix genres like black metal with other genres and concepts  and not totally alienate listeners either.



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