THY DISEASE: new album in February!

Front  THY DISEASE Costumes Of Technocracy

February 14 is the release date of the sixth album of Thy Disease entitled “Costumes of Technocracy”. The CD will include 10 new tracks in the vein of industrial groove metal.

The album was recorded at the Creative Music Studio, and Tomasz “Zed” Zalewski took care of mixing and mastering. Piotr “Szafa” Szafraniec worked on the cover and the whole visual concept. The record will feature two guest appearances: Psycho – former vocalist of Thy Disease and Adrian “Covan” Kowanek, who’s vocals  were recorded in 2005-2006, while working on new material for Atrophia Red Sun. The new video clip for the song “Slave State” will be promoting the new release and will be published on January 24. Here you can watch official video clip:




1. Slave State

2. Muted Scream

3. Costumes of Technocracy

4. Psycho Parasites

5. Holographic Reality

6. Corporate Cull

7. Synthetic Messiah

8. Drowning

9. MK Ultra

10. Global Technocratic Prison


More info:


Watch and share!

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