Music Review: Leviathan CD: Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then


Available: Feb. 13th, 2014

Label: N/A


            Oh boy.  When I see a band with a name like Leviathan I kind of expect a more…visceral listening experience.  And visceral for me doesn’t mean some extreme black metal band that only 20 people have heard of but I do like a good aggressive/catchy metal album.  Unfortunately what I get with Leviathan…is not fun.

‘Beholden to Nothing, Braver Since Then’ as it turns out is some kind of prog album…or something?  I’m not totally against progressive metal albums per se…but they have got to offer me something that catches my attention like catchy lyrics, cool guitar riffs…something.  Unfortunately what I got, which seems to be an issue with a lot of prog acts, is a lot of songs that just go on forever, never really go anywhere, a singer that just says a lot of things but really says nothing at all and a boredom induced coma.

The album has a total of 15 songs with most being a minimum of at least 5 ½ minutes…others reach into to the 7-10 range.  With the songs being as engaging as watching paint dry then you mix in the extra long song lengths, this tends to make me not a very happy camper.

I don’t want to be overly harsh on the band here, we all have our own things we like to listen to and maybe this would be better suited to someone who likes to space out or something I don’t know.  The band can play, or at least they don’t seem incompetent at playing their instruments. I just don’t like what they are playing.  At all.

Rating: 1/5

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