Music Review: Giskard EP: Neon Klaatu


Available: NOW

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After listening to ‘Neon Klaatu’ I wasn’t really sure I should write a review and include it on my site despite the fact that Giskard claims to be some form of rock or metal.  Giskard implements the use of electronic music…and by implement I mean their sound is about 90% techno/electronic type of sounds.  I have listened to other metal bands that also incorporate dance or techno type stylings in their music but still retain a heavy edge or at least I can still think of them as being metal oriented.  I however can’t say the same for Giskard.

In Giskard’s bio they claim they rely a lot on the synth sound but wanted a real band for their live shows so they didn’t have to rely solely on a pre-programmed backing band for their live shows, which tells me there is already a problem.  While the band claims to be a rock oriented outfit the music sounds like pure electronic sounds with very little aggression or rock to it.  Also, the singer sounds as if she is transplanted from a 90’s alternative band and placed in this band.

I really don’t know what to say about ‘Neon Klaatu’ other than the fact it is not metal or rock.  I wouldn’t really call a particularly good electronic album either though I’m not an expert in that genre but I do know what a catchy song is and this album doesn’t really have anything catchy for me on it.

If you as a reader want a metal band that incorporates the techno/electronic/dance sounds in a good way try bands like Russia’s Xe-None and Finland’s Turmion Kätilöt for much more pleasurable experience.

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