Music Review: SnakeyeS EP: Welcome to the Snake Pit


Available: NOW

Label: Self-Released

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·         Deezer:


                WHOA!  What kick to the face!  It’s not often I get to hear bands like SnakeyeS that is so fresh and still hold true to the classic metal style.  When listening to this 4 song ep I am reminded strongly of ‘Painkiller’ era Judas Priest.  Very fast driving songs and aggressive.  Also the vocalist is definitely inspired by Rob Halford and sounds a lot like him.  The band actually do a medley of three Judas Priest songs  ‘Riding on the Wind’, ‘The Sentinel’ and ‘Burn in Hell’. 

While the band and singer are very heavily influenced by Priest I found their covers of the Priest songs kind of weak.  But let me clarify, this isn’t a bad mark against the band but I feel they do better with their own songs because while they are Priest influenced they are also distinct enough to not be a Priest clone band.  And the singer’s vocals are more suited to their own songs than to cover songs.  The other three original songs on the album is where the band really shines, ‘Time of Dismay’, ‘Snake Pit’ and ‘Shadow Warriors’ are all AMAZING tunes.  Very aggressive metal to your face and catchy.

This Spanish/Romanian band plan to release a full length album this year and if the ep is any indication of what is to come then the metal scene may be getting ready for a new force to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile check out the video for ‘Shadow Warriors’

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